OPPO A15 – Making a Case For Its Sizing and Price


OPPO A15 is the first of its kind. It has a built in facial recognition feature and through that, you can enter your PIN without having to look at the card and type it by hand. With OPPO A15, all that you need to do is swipe the card through OPPO’s swiping system and wait for it to confirm your pin. OPPO A15 has a built in RFID reader. OPPO has a password protection mechanism which allows for secure credit card usage. Once you have entered your pin, OPPO A15 will store that data so you can use it again if ever you need.

For those who are wondering if they need to pay an extra $100 for OPPO A15 or not, then the answer is definitely yes. OPPO A15 is unique because it boasts of a high end smartphone. The device has a built in dual camera and a large LCD display that looks and acts like a high end smartphone as well. This makes OPPO A15 more expensive than most other smartphone devices available in the market today. OPPO A15

OPPO A15 comes with two memory options, a low priced 1GB RAM and a mid-budget 2GB RAM. Both the options work flawlessly with OPPO A15 and you can store hundreds of apps on the phone. The phone also offers a fast octa-core processor, a great LCD display, a nice notification bar and of course, a high-end facial recognition software. OPPO A15 runs on android 10 and comes preinstalled with many useful android apps such as Google Maps, Quickoffice and the like. It is also available in many different languages including French, German, Korean, Portuguese and Thai.

OPPO A15 has several features that differentiate it from other mobiles. For example, it offers a large LCD display (5.2 inches) that gives it an edge over others in terms of clarity and richness. Also, the color of the screen blends smoothly into the color of the surroundings, resulting in a very realistic user experience. The resolution of the device is therefore far more powerful than the others available on the market and that is what helps it to offer a much clearer and colorful image.

Apart from all the above mentioned features, OPPO A15 also offers an unusual feature called Dust proof technology. This allows the smartphone to be used without worrying about fingerprints and smudges, something which a majority of smartphones are unable to do. Furthermore, it is capable of running on Android ecosystem and is thus not limited to any particular OS. All in all, OPPO A15 is considered to be one of the best smartphones in the current market and with its price point, no one can really go wrong with it.

In terms of software and applications, OPPO A15 comes loaded with several topnotch applications and a lot of them are offered for free on the Android Market. Some notable apps include Moxier Mail (a useful client management application), McAfee LiveSafe (a malware prevention utility), AVG anti-virus to name a few. As for the camera, OPPO A15 comes with both digital and optical image capturing facilities and features an eight megapixel primary camera as well as a three megapixel digital camera that offers a better quality. The phone also supports HD video recording at a resolution of 1080p and offers Gingerbread Android interface. With all these features and a price tag to meet, it is not surprising that OPPO A15 is fast becoming the most sought after smartphone in India.

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