Why Do You Need to Convert PDF Into Different Formats?

The Portable Document Format or PDF was created by Adobe Systems in 1993, and can be read on Adobe software. Though it had to be bought in the past years, today, Adobe Reader has a free version that allows all users to view their PDF files. The file format allows sharing of documents using any software. One drawback, however, is that users may find some difficulty when editing on PDF, so conversion from PDF to Word in Acrobat will have to be done first. The PDF is ideal for people who are catching up with deadlines. Hence, this file format is essentially for the fast-paced, modern, professional world. convert xps to pdf

PDFs come in two types, the native and scanned PDF. The native PDF is an electronically processed document, while the scanned PDF is made by scanning print copy of a document.

What are the advantages of using PDF files?

Making PDF files should not take much time. One can send document drafts and create electronic versions of those files within a short time.

At the same time, these files provide file security, which is an issue when you are distributing key documents to different people in the workplace. The format safeguards your file when it is on the internet. Data security is important for many people. If you do not want people to steal your concept or idea, you can put it in a Portable Document Format draft and secure it with passwords and watermarks. This is important when sending files via emails, in which there is a chance for data to be stolen. You can sleep well knowing no one will take credit for your work or tamper with it.

Files in PDF can also be easily organized. You can send files in this format easily to your administrator without having to deal with troublesome file organizing. This becomes an important advantage when sending large files, which can be compressed in PDF. Managing and sending these files does not have to be a burden.

The Portable Document Format is also the ideal option for those who want to see the original document source. You can view the same document regardless of the hardware or operating system of your PC. Anybody can view the files as they originally exist. This is necessary when sending files to different computers. The format ensures everyone will see the files in the same appearance.

What are the disadvantages?

Everything has good and bad sides. This time, you get to know the disadvantages of PDF. Although such file can be an advantage to the sender, the receiver, on the other hand, will have limited freedom with it. This becomes quite a challenge to the receiver, who will not be able to edit the files. PDFs are essentially read-only documents and not for editing, although the files may look like Word documents. The content is locked and revision is not an option. PDFs are actually much like the image of documents. You can learn how to rotate a PDF file but not change the contents.


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